Tongue & Groove


Name Description North/South Link / File Size
Helen Aitken Warm & sunny (N) aitken_helen.mp3 1.4M
Melanie Ash The cream of Lancashire (N) ash_melanie.mp3 2.2M
Bev Ashworth Candy-coated cashmere (N) ashworth_bev.mp3 8.96M
Hannah Dickinson Silky & soothing (S) dickinson_hannah.mp3 605k
Amy Elton Cheeky, charming & cheerful - a happy voice! (S) elton_amy.mp3 3.53M
Justine Harris Velvet-covered steel (N) harris_justine.mp3 3.07M
Judy Hawkins Soft & warm (N) hawkins_judy.mp3 930k
Sally Hudson Funky - feisty - fresh - fun (N) hudson_sally.mp3 2.02M
Kate Lee Rich & mellow (N) lee_kate.mp3 797k
Diana Luke Smooth Canadian (N) luke_diana.mp3 1.4M
Kitty Martin Sweet & low (S) martin_kitty.mp3 1.8M
Sue McArdle Northern soul sister (N) mcardle_sue.mp3 2.2M
Lisa McGrath Ageless & versatile (N) mcgrath_lisa.mp3 3.12M
Sonya Moorhead Irish all-star: Belfast & beyond (N) moorhead_sonya.mp3 1.4M
Vanessa Peers Girl next door with a secret siren centre! (N) peers_vanessa.mp3 2.22M
Cathy Sabberton Cheeky & charming (N) sabberton_cathy.mp3 832k
Geri Sharrock If Jane Horrocks were a Yorkshire mermaid... (N) sharrock_geri.mp3 2.89M
Sara Starling Cool, clear and sparkling (N) starling_sara.mp3 3.61M
Keddy Sutton Liverpool little voice (N) sutton_keddy.mp3 564k
Nikki Tovell Smooth & smoky (S) tovell_nikki.mp3 681k

All our voices are experienced performers from either acting, presenting or music backgrounds and have worked in all forms of media including television, radio, theatre, dubbing, animation and computer games. Many are also excellent singers or have language skills - please ask for further details.