Tongue & Groove


Name Description North/South Link / File Size
Matt Abbott Captain Morgan meets King Arthur (N) abbott_matt.mp3 2.76M
Robin Anderson Deep & dark (N) anderson_robin.mp3 2.95M
Darren Ali Funky Geordie (S) ali_darren.mp3 872k
Richard Barry Fry-teningly talented (N) barry_richard.mp3 1M
John Basham Sophisticated assortment (N) basham_john.mp3 2.25M
Maxton Beesley Northern grit meets all-star impressions (N) beesley_maxton.mp3 1.29M
Bryan Bounds US master (N) bounds_bryan.mp3 3.12M
Matthew Brenher Elegant & urbane (S) brenher_matthew.mp3 2.77M
Mark Chadwick A younger, fruitier, geekier Sean Bean (N) chadwick_mark.mp3 2.83M
Marco Federici Deliciously powerful (N) ricci_marco.mp3 937k
Mark Gregory North by North-East 3-in-1 combo (N) gregory_mark.mp3 3.13M
Lewis Hancock Canadian - wry & dry (N) hancock_lewis.mp3 1.4M
Dan Harper From smooth operator to superhero (N) harper_dan.mp3 3.56M
Michael Neilson Northern Irish charm meets English calm (S) neilson_michael.mp3 2.45M
Matt Pinches Bright young thing (S) pinches_matt.mp31.14M
Andy Quine London lad (N) quine_andy.mp3 2.93M
Eamonn Riley Reassuring & creative (N) riley_eamonn.mp3 2.06M
Matt Rutter Young, gifted and Manc (N) rutter_matt.mp3 814k
Vaughan Savidge Newsreader with attitude (S) savidge_vaughan.mp3 893k
Will Travis Lancashire hotpot (N) travis_will.mp3 697k
Brian Trueman The cartoon king (N) trueman_brian.mp3 1.2M
Andy Turvey Countless crazy characters (S) turvey_andy.mp3 565k

All our voices are experienced performers from either acting, presenting or music backgrounds and have worked in all forms of media including television, radio, theatre, dubbing, animation and computer games. Many are also excellent singers or have language skills - please ask for further details.